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We have a fact table that has a datetime field [Log Entry].[Time Entry].

We would like to filter the following query based on a date range: where the [Log Entry].[Time Entry] was between two supplied dates (2 parameters: i.e. startdate and enddate)

  NON EMPTY { [Measures].[Average Total Time] } ON COLUMNS, 
  NON EMPTY { ([User Property].[UserProperty].[Id].ALLMEMBERS * [Log Entry].[Time Entry].[Logged On].ALLMEMBERS ) } 
FROM [MyCube] 

I was hoping to avoid having to create Time Table/dimension and being able to compare those dates (passed in via parameters) against the [Log Entry].[Time Entry].

Concept of SQL's between (somedate Between date1 and date2).

How can we do this?

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You should use range expression. Please look here:

Your WHERE clause should look for example:

    [Time].[Month Name].&[August 2009]
    [Time].[Month Name].&[June 2012]

UPDATE To Filter Axis inside it, you should use EXISTS clause:

    * {EXISTS
      {[Log Entry].[Time Entry].[Logged On].ALLMEMBERS}
    {[Log Entry].[Time Entry].&[20120101]:[Log Entry].[Time Entry].&[20130101]}
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Dalex - thanks for the suggestions. However, I don't see how this range makes an association with the field that actually has the value to compare in the range. – pghtech Mar 15 '13 at 13:38

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