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I have a file with thousands of beer reviews that I need to sort. Each beer review looks like this:

beer/name: John Harvards Simcoe IPA
beer/beerID: 63836
beer/brewerID: 8481
beer/ABV: 5.4
beer/style: India Pale Ale (ITA)
review/appearance: 4/5
review/aroma: 6/10
review/palate: 3/5
review/taste: 6/10
review/overall: 13/20
review/time: 11575857200

I need to sort top 10 beers with the highest number of reviews. The beer identifier 'beer/name'.

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Sounds like a homework =) –  StardustOne Mar 14 '13 at 21:38
whathaveyoutried.com ? –  StardustOne Mar 14 '13 at 21:44

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Sounds like a homework, but anyway (I like the beer), this is an starter :

awk -F'[ /]' -v note=20 '
    /^review/ && !/review\/time/{arr[beer]+=$3/$4; count++}
    END{for (a in arr) print a, arr[a]*note/count "/" note}
' beers.txt

It's easy from this to pipe the output to the sort & head command to sort a specific column & display N lines from the top respectively. (Or use awk itself, but it's harder...)

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