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Can someone give me a quick pointer to where abouts in VS2008 I would look to automatic the copying of files from a source area to (a) debug, (b) run, and (c) deployment areas?

Background - in this case it'll be a base sqlite database with empty tables...


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Assuming a .NET project (VB .NET or C# : I believe C++ would need different steps) :

  1. Add the file to your VS project.
  2. Select the file inside VS, and set its properties :
    • Build Action : Content
    • Copy To Output Directory : Copy always or Copy if newer
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There would be two possibilities:

  • Add the needed files to the project and set property "Copy to output directory" to "Copy Always" or "Copy if newer" or
  • Open project properties and provide a post build script, that does the copying.
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Maybe you are looking for post-build events? See project Properties->Build Events in Visual Studio.

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