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Hi i'm having a hard time to loop my curl function and automate the job .

$scrape_url is a function to grab link from a page . scrape_nextpage is a function that grab the url of the "next" page where i will use $scrape_url again , and so on here is so far my code :

$url = "";   

$results_page = scrape_url($url); 

 if ( $url !==scrape_nextpage($url) ) {

        $url = scrape_nextpage($url);

       $results_page = scrape_url($url);

and i want to loop through each $url i found in the page (kind of going through the pagination)

so far i only get the 2 first pages , and i need to fetch the other pages

Update : scrape_nextpage() is a curl function that grab the url of the next page ( example :

scrape_nextpage() grab the url : "";

so the new $url to use in scrape_url($url) become "" .

then i fetch the same page with scrape_nextpage() to get ""; and so on .

thanks for your help

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I think you are looking for something like this:

$url = "";  
$results_page = scrape_url($url);  

while ($url !== scrape_nextpage($url))
    $url = get_nextpage($url);
    if (!$url) {
    $results_page = scrape_url($url);
    // do something with $results_page

Just make sure get_nextpage() returns FALSE or an empty string when there's no more urls to check - that will break the while loop.


Your function naming is very vague. It's totally unclear what they do. You want clear names.

As an example, you want a function get_content($url); that takes url of some page (for example, and returns HTML of that web page. Second function you need is a function grab_links($html); that will parse HTML of some page and return you the links it found there. Then the code will be:

$list_of_urls = array(
foreach ($list_of_urls as $url)
    $html = get_content($url);
    $links = grab_links($html);
    // do something with $links

Now this is clear and can be easily debugged.

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i ryed similar but without any success ! the thing is that i want to loop the "scrape url" over each "scrape next" page i found . – user2158439 Mar 15 '13 at 16:55
@user2158439 please update the answer with exact description of what functions scrape_nextpage() and get_nextpage() do. – Ranty Mar 15 '13 at 18:07
scrape_nextpage() and get_nextpage() is the same curl function that grab the url of the next page ( example : scrape_nextpage() grab the url of ""; where i would be using scrape_url($url) and then fetch in that page again using scrape_nextpage() to get ""; and so on . – user2158439 Mar 15 '13 at 18:37
Look into the update of the answer. You want to store list of urls you grab clearly, like in a var $list_of_urls and you also want to rename your functions. – Ranty Mar 15 '13 at 19:02
thanks for your answers ! the thing is for : $list_of_urls = array( ""; ); im using scrape_nextpage($url) to get the $url to fetch , so i don't have them yet i only start with 1 and i check if it's not similar so i use the url found on the scrape_nextpage($url) function – user2158439 Mar 15 '13 at 19:08

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