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I want to use the connect_signals method to bind my Glade signals to Gjs/Seed methods.
But I always get the following error : Argument 'user_data' (type void) may not be null
Does anyone know how to use the connect_signals method?

Gjs/Seed file

Gtk.init(null, 0);
let builder = new Gtk.Builder();
builder.add_from_file( "ui.glade" );



function on_button_ok_clicked() {

Glade file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <object class="GtkWindow" id="window">
      <object class="GtkButton" id="button_ok">
        <signal name="clicked" handler="on_button_ok_clicked" swapped="no"/>
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I could not get connect_signals to work due to the void* user_data, but connect_signals_full does work for some mysterious reason :-)

const SignalHandlers = new Lang.Class({
    Name: 'SignalHandlers',

    _init: function () {},

    your_switch_active_notify_cb: function (object) {
      print("switch is active:" + object.get_active());

    _connector: function(builder, object, signal, handler) {
      object.connect(signal, Lang.bind(this, this[handler]));

function buildPrefsWidget() {
  let win = new Gtk.Table(), ui = new Gtk.Builder();

  ui.add_from_file(Me.dir.get_path() + "/prefs.ui");

  let signal_handlers = new SignalHandlers();
  ui.connect_signals_full(Lang.bind(signal_handlers, signal_handlers._connector));

  return win;
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