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I have a two part php form.

Part 1 - Agreement Page. .. you have to accept this to proceed forward to part 2 yes > proceed no > redirect to another page.

Part 2 - form itself. fill form > proceed to thank you.

How do prevent people from going to part 2 directly? ex. part1-p1.php, part2-p2.php. If I load part2-p2.php then it detects that you didn't come from part1-p1.php and redirects you to part1-p1.php.

any snippets or web references would be appreciated.

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You may use Session for this condition, after the user agrees the agreement, set $_SESSION['agree'] = true, when loading part 2, check $_SESSION[agree] first

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I personally like @LotusH's answer. However I figured I would offer another suggestion in case you are not using sessions (or don't want to for whatever reason).

You could have part1 page post to part 2 page. If the expected POST values for acceptance are not present (or if page2 is not posting back onto itself), you could redirect to the non-acceptance page.

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