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Is anyone using or has anyone evaluated OPF3 as an ORM (.NET)? How does it stack up against EntitySpaces or Subsonic?

One thing about OPF3 I like in my evaluation so far is that it is very easy to customize. Since it binds database fields to object members using attributes, you do not need to use any code generation tool. This also means you can basically create your own classes, and then add OPF3 data binding on top of that.

<Persistent("users")> _
Public Class User

    <Field("userid", AutoNumber:=True, Identifier:=True, allowDbnull:=False)> _
    Public Property ID() As Long

    <Field("name", allowDbnull:=False)> _
    Public Property Name() As String
End Class

They do have a generation tool, and one thing I don't like is that the demo will not output classes, so I can't actually see what it is really going to do. On the plus side again, it appears that when you buy the tool, you get the source for it as well.

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We are using Opf3 at my company and until now it works great, except that it's having more functionality than needed. But watch out how u construct your classes, creating a new item to add as a child the ObjectSetHolder can be tricky. New items don't have any informatio about the ObjectContext unless u attach them to the ObjectContext using _context.Attach()

Anyway i personally like Opf3 and what it can do, but we don't use the wizzard since it doesn't really work against our database Pervasive.

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Just going back and reading some older stuff, it's actually quite interesting you posted that: I just posted about a problem with child creation: opf3.com/Opf3/Community/Topic.aspx?Forum=2&Topic=1605. I'll have to look at the .attach() method, thanks! –  gregmac Oct 21 '08 at 5:25
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