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I have implemented google appengine's endpoints client api libraries into my android application (Thanks to this tutorial: http://devthots.blogspot.ca/2012/07/building-awesome-android-apps-with.html). I am inserting my Entity Object (SOESave) like this:

SOESave save = new SOESave();

Text jsonText = new Text();

Soesaveendpoint endpoint = CloudEndpointUtils.updateBuilder(endpointBuilder).build();

In Soesaveendpoint.java there is this method:

public CollectionResponse<SOESave> listSOESave(
        @Nullable @Named("cursor") String cursorString,
        @Nullable @Named("limit") Integer limit) 

If I understand correctly cursorstring will be added onto the end of "select from SOESave as SOESave" and used as a query on my datastore, and i can specify the limit here too.

What I cannot figure out is how I can make a query to my datastore that only shows results where the Title or Description fields contain a specific string. I couldn't find anything in the GQL syntax reference that would help me finding where results contain a string. Is this even possible with GQL? Thank you for any responses, and sorry that this post is a little lengthy!

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The core question seems to be: can I query the datastore using something like SQL's LIKE statement? The answer to this is no. You can perform comparisons with >, <, or =, but can't do partial matches. For the latter, you'll have to use something like the Search API.

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That is perfect thank you for your answer! –  Zach Mar 15 '13 at 1:52

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