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I have 3 elements and I am trying to align the button to the right side of the screen, but am having trouble doing so.

<div class = 'container'>
<div class = 'row-fluid'>
    <img src = "img.png" style = "width:50px;">
    <a href = "link_to_img.html" class = 'btn btn-success'>Grab it!</a>
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Try the class 'pull-right'.

<div class="pull-right">...</div>


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Note: You must apply the 'pull-right' class to the element you want right aligned, not it's parent/container. –  David HAust Jul 7 '14 at 1:55
@Stefan thank you, thank you, thank you. –  whitesiroi Aug 26 at 4:11

try something like this

<a href = "link_to_img.html" class = 'btn btn-success pull-right'>Grab it!</a>
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