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I have a situation where I am setting a link to an image in the session one one page to be accessed on another page, here is where it is set:

<c:set var="<%item.getCatalogEntryId()%>FTImage" value="${item.field5}" scope="session"/>

I'm having trouble pulling this info to be used on the second page, I want to do something like this, but the syntax is obviously off and I'm not sure how to correctly do this

<c:set var="CartImage" value="${sessionScope.${itemCatentryId}FTImage}"></c:set>

The catalogEntryId will be common between the two pages, I just need to know how to include it when retrieving the variable out of the session

Thanks for any help

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try this .i think it will work

 <c:set var="CartImage" value="${sessionScope.[itemCatentryId]FTImage}"></c:set>
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