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How to use the Porter Stemmber class in Lucene 3.6.2? Here is what I have:

import org.apache.lucene.analysis.PorterStemmer;
PorterStemmer stemmer = new PorterStemmer();
term = stemmer.stem(term);

I am being told: PorterStemmer is not public in org.apache.lucene.analysis; cannot be accessed from outside package.

Edit: I also read extensively about using Snowball, but it isn't encouraged. What is the right way to stem using Lucene in Java??

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1) If you want to use PorterStemmer as part of Lucene token analysis process, use PorterStemFilter

Sample code

 class MyAnalyzer extends Analyzer {
  public final TokenStream tokenStream(String fieldName, Reader reader) {
    return new PorterStemFilter(new LowerCaseTokenizer(reader));

2) If you want to use PorterStemmer just for any other application, here is the sourcecode by author himself: PorterStemmer in Java

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