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I've shell script as below:


echo "Select the Gateway Server:"
echo "   1. Gateway 1"
echo "   2. Gateway 2"
echo "   3. Gateway 3"

read gatewayHost

case $gatewayHost in
    1) gateway="" ;;
    2) gateway="" ;;
    3) gateway="" ;;
    *) echo "Invalid choice" ;;


In above script, I'm fetching gateway from user input selection & trying to pass to my script which is expect scriptshown below:


set timeout 3
spawn ssh "james@$gateway"
expect "password:"
send "TSfdsHhtfs\r";

But I'm not able to pass gateway variable from shell script to expect script. Can any one tell me how to achieve this?? Please note that I need to use shell script only due to legacy reasons (Cannot use tcl script or can't do everything in expect script itself)


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From your shell script:

/mypath/abc $gateway

From your expect script:


set gateway [lindex $argv 0]; # Grab the first command line parameter

set timeout 3
spawn ssh "james@$gateway"
expect "password:"
send "TSfdsHhtfs\r";
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