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I have a view called admin and I want to use a css file admin.css that is being used only in this page. I created a new layout admin.html.erb in layouts. What do I put in there and how do I edit application.css so that admin.css is only being used in the admin view but every other stylesheet is included in admin view as well?

Thank you! This is what I have in application.css so far

 * This is a manifest file that'll automatically include all the stylesheets available in this directory
 * and any sub-directories. You're free to add application-wide styles to this file and they'll appear at
 * the top of the compiled file, but it's generally better to create a new file per   style scope.
 *= require bootstrap_and_overrides
 *= require custom
 *= require admin
 *= require_self
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Don't require admin in your application.css, else you would end including the content of this file in your processed css file.

Leave admin.css as it is (this file will hold all your admin css resource, you can even reference other files if you need it), remove the require admin line from application.css, and add the following in your application.rb:

config.assets.precompile += ['admin.css']

This will instruct the assets pipeline to precompile admin.css as a separate file.

Then in your admin layout include both:

<%= stylesheet_link_tag "application" %>
<%= stylesheet_link_tag "admin" %>

And in your non-admin layout just include application.

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thanks, I did exactly this but it didn't work. my admin view didn't include the application.css –  user1404536 Mar 15 '13 at 5:18

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