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I have a java web app that pulls data from an oracle database, and the other day I modified some rows of data using oracle sql developer.

Now the problem is Java keeps returning the old data as if it never changed, but if I run the exact same query in sql developer it returns the current (modified) data.

I don't have any caching enabled, I checked with OracleDataSource.getImplicitCachingEnabled() and OracleDataSource.getExplicitCachingEnabled() and both are false.

Is there some kind of cache built into Oracle itself that needs to be cleared ? I have been racking my brain over this for 2 days.

I tried starting/stopping and undeploying/redeploying the app with no change. I even tried restarting tomcat itself and that hasn't helped. Any suggestions ?

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Do COMMIT in SQL Developer –  peterm Mar 15 '13 at 1:06

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You most likely did not have autocommit on in SQLDeveloper, so the data had not been committed and was not visible outside the SQLDeveloper session.

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