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IF I have a kendo dropdownlist as follows

      .DataSource(source => {
          source.Read(read =>
              read.Action("GetProducts", "Home");

This loads when my page loads. Is there a way to code it such that it only loads when I invoke it to load via javscript?

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Initialise DataSource on sever side without executing Read. For eg., .DataSource(source => {source.Type = "json"}). On Client side event handler, you can retrieve JSON data using ajax and attach to dropdownlist datasource as :

var dataretrieved = <ajax query here>
$("#products").data("kendoDropDownList").dataSource.data(dataretrieved );


In server side code do not define datasource. In your client side event handler define the datasource of the dropdownlist. For eg.,

$("#products").data("kendoDropDownList").dataSource = new kendo.data.DataSource({
 type: "json",
 data: dataretrieved 

Note datatype is indicated as part of datasource definition.

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If you wanted to load data first time when you open the dropdownlist, you can set AutoBind = false and add an OptionLabel like this:
@(Html.Kendo().DropDownList() .Name("products") .DataTextField("ProductName") .DataValueField("ProductID") .OptionLabel(new { ProductID = -1, ProductName= "Select Product"}) .DataSource(source => { source.Read(read => { read.Action("GetProducts", "Home"); }); }) .AutoBind(false) )

You have to be sure to use an option label with id and name, otherwise it will not be displayed.

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Create one JS function and put this code inside in it. and call that function when you need.

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