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What's a clean way to 'halt' (or 'pause') execution of a code snippet in javascript, and resume execution (from the point it paused) when an external event occurs? The external event has to be propagated when a user does something, i.e. an event that is fired when the user clicks a button, touches a screen, etc

Ps: I am not looking for an infinite while loop. That's quite dirty and a CPU hugger.

This might make sense to you in the context of a mobile app.

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like firebug? –  kush Mar 14 '13 at 19:51

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No, there is not. If you want that sort of effect, you typically hook up a callback to an event, and then trigger your code in response.

For instance, if you use jQuery and you want to alert "Hello World" when someone clicks a button, you don't do:

function alertHello() {
    alert('Hello World');
// some button gets clicked and you magically know to ...

You do:

function alertHello() {
    alert('Hello World');
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