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for example: my local file path is


ftp file path is


when I modify my file in my pc , I want to update the file in my ftp the same with my local file , how to do the job quickly? not to use ftp software to find the relatived path in ftp and then upload file ,this method is too slow.

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In the newest version of Notepad++ installed with all standard add-ons there is a built-in mini-FTP client. You can find it in Plugins > NppFTP

The second option is to add network location in Windows Explorer and save it there as you'd save it on your local computer.

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thank you very much , but npp upload the file at once when I modify my file and save , but I want it upload file whenever I want ,not the time I save it . how to set? –  linjuming Mar 15 '13 at 4:41

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