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I have this code:

          $get_news = $db->query("SELECT * FROM news WHERE category = 1 ORDER BY id DESC limit 5");
          $array = $db->assoc($get_news);
          $num = $db->num($get_news);

          if ($num == 0) {
              echo "<div class=\"title\">No news found!</div>";

           while($row = mysql_fetch_array($get_news)){

               <div class="blue box">
                 <div class="title"><?php echo $array['title'];?></div>
                   <div class="content">

                    <img src="panel/_news/<?php echo $array['image'];?>" style="max-width: 150px;max-height:150px;" alt=\"\" align="center">

            <div style="margin-top: 14px;">
               <div class="readmore">By <?php echo $array['poster'];?></div>
               <div class="date"><?php echo $array['date'];?></div>

        <?php } ?>

and basically, I'm trying to make it show 3 news posts, but it shows the same one, do you guys know what it is that I'm doing wrong in the SQL?

This is what it shows:

I have more than 3 articles in the database, but it's showing the 1 3 times.. Can you guys help?

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@AarolamaBluenk is right, you need to use $row and not $array. Also, use mysql_fetch_assoc() instead, as this gives you an associative array that you can refer to indexes with names, rather than numbers. $array contains only the first row from the result. – mavili Mar 15 '13 at 2:16
Do not use mysql_ functions; they are deprecated. Use mysqli_ or PDO – Kermit Mar 15 '13 at 2:16

You're mixing two different API's.

You need to reference $row not $array. Something like:

while ($row = $db->assoc($get_news)) {
           <div class="blue box">
             <div class="title"><?php echo $row['title'];?></div>
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oh wow, thank you so much man. Was doing my head in! – TrippedStackers Mar 15 '13 at 2:15

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