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Soundcloud is incredible. Compared to all other music-oriented sites, as a computer science major and a die-hard music fan, I can assuredly say Soundcloud is a beautiful creation, in terms of both purpose and design. Onto my (rudimentary and somewhat secondary) idea:

I feel it would be beneficial for Soundcloud to have a feature which allows for reverse playback - not in terms of playing song files themselves in reverse, but in reverse chronological order. Including this option would simply be a matter of a toggleable (probably not a real word) i-- vs. i++ and an additional conditional.

Doing so would allow for users to listen through their favorites in order of oldest to newest, to understand the development of artists over time, etc. While this isn't necessarily IMPORTANT, I think it extremely utilitarian, especially when programs like iTunes offer the option to sort by date added/modified.

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This can be done by using the created_at timestamp of the /tracks resource in the API.

Your question might better be directed at as this site is more for specific code-related troubleshooting.

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Like HeatherSpence said, you can use the API to construct your own player (perhaps ??), or just make a playlist in whatever order you like.

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