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At the moment I am using fault handlers to break out of execution e.g:

State1: HandleExternalEvent -> MyCode (possibly throw exception) -> Change state2

->Fault handler ->no code (i.e stays in state1)

However I am suffering from a performace hit, is there away to perform the same action without using exceptions/fault handle, like a cancel or return method


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To clarify MyCode is a custom activity I implemented, I had a little success with (in the activity) with: test.Parent.dispose(); However the action seems to be delayed and not reliable; sometimes it will prevent further execution of the parent activity whilst other times it will continue onwards Is there a more reliable way to end the parent activity execution and go back to idle? –  nehz Oct 9 '09 at 10:40

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You can use the SuspendActivity to pause a workflow, and then maybe interact with it later through a ReceiveActivity or something similar.

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