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I am using the Sorcery Gem to do my login things. At one point I just want to hit a method and get back a 1 or 0 if the user email & password are present in the DB. I can do that with this code, but Rails also returns the application.html.erb file which I don't want. All i need is the 0 or 1 to appear. Nothing else. Wondering how I can disable the application.html.erb template for just this one method. I tried:

render :layout => false

but that also prevents my @status value from appearing in my one line view file.

def index
if @user = login(params[:email], params[:password])    
    @status = '1'
    @status = '0'

And my index.html.erb file is just one line: <%= @status %>


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render layout: false at the end of your index method should do exactly what you want. – bdares Mar 15 '13 at 3:44
this did the trick. – Edward Potter Mar 15 '13 at 3:55

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At the top of your controller you can add

layout false, :only => [:index]

Instead of at the action level.

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Another option is to render a text so you don't need a view and you don't have to worry about layouts and instance variables. your code can be rewritten as

def index
  render text: login(params[:email], params[:password]) ? 1 : 0
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