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In a Windows 8 app using JavaScript, I am trying to upload a file to Windows Azure Blob Storage using a Shared Access Signature defined in this technique but I want to use the WinRT BackgroundUploader instead of the standard storage client uploader. When I call this code, nothing happens and the storage container is empty in the Windows Azure management console.

Has anyone done this before?

Does anyone have suggestion on how I should put the SAS into the BackgroundUploader's serverCredential property?

        .then(function (e) {

            var backgroundTransfer = Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer,
                uploader = new backgroundTransfer.BackgroundUploader(),
                uri = new Windows.Foundation.Uri(upload.sas),
                sasToken = uri.query.substr(1);

            uploader.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", file.contentType);
            uploader.setRequestHeader("x-ms-blob-type", "BlockBlob");

            operation = uploader.createUpload(uri, file);

            operation.startAsync().then(function (uploadComplete) {
                complete("https://" + uri.host + "/" + upload.containerName + "/" + file.name);
            function (uploadError) {
            function (uploadProgress) {
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First of all, please set BackgroundUploader.Method to "PUT", because the default "POST" method cannot be used to upload a blob. In addition to that, please check the following:

  • SAS token should have write permission.
  • The file being uploaded must be smaller than 64MB, because that is the maximum limit allowed by Put Blob API.
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