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Considering all video frames of a video in time (t) as volume, I have to decompose them into set of 2d slices in time i.e I(x,t) (Slice volume along x and t) and I(y,t) (slice volume along y and t). How can I achieve this in matlab? I am not able to figure out how to do this slicing?

Edit: Code so far

vid='Orca vs Great White Shark.avi';
for i=1:25:numofframes
for k=1:numofframes
  mov(k).cdata = read(vidobj,k);

So far I have read the video and saved the frames in vidframes. How do I proceed?

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Here's an example:

A = rand(3,3,3)


A(:,:,1) =

    0.8147    0.9134    0.2785
    0.9058    0.6324    0.5469
    0.1270    0.0975    0.9575

A(:,:,2) =

    0.9649    0.9572    0.1419
    0.1576    0.4854    0.4218
    0.9706    0.8003    0.9157

A(:,:,3) =

    0.7922    0.0357    0.6787
    0.9595    0.8491    0.7577
    0.6557    0.9340    0.7431

Now I assume the 3rd dimension is time. To get a slice you need to use the squeeze function:



ans =

    0.8147    0.9134    0.2785
    0.9649    0.9572    0.1419
    0.7922    0.0357    0.6787

squeeze(A(:,1,:)) will give the first column in time.

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Hi.Thanks for the answer.sorry to ask but I'm pretty new to this. Can you please tell me how can I represent x,y,t of my video in such matrix representation? – MaxSteel Mar 15 '13 at 5:26
Check this :… – sridutt Mar 15 '13 at 5:34
@SriduttNayak I have read all the frames of video using frames=read(videoobject), how do I read it as a matrix like above? – MaxSteel Mar 15 '13 at 5:43
frame will have a matrix you'd need if you use getsnapshot. I guess in the above case you'd be creating a handle (Not sure check) so you may have to see how to use it. Check here If you use getsnapshot, after first instance of frame = getsnapshot(vid); , type keyboard this will put code in debug mode. Now in command window try doing <whos frame> <imshow(frame)> after you have understood, continue the run using F5. Remember to remove "keyboard" for next run. – sridutt Mar 15 '13 at 6:18
Thanks @SriduttNayak I will check and come back in few minsutes. Thanks – MaxSteel Mar 15 '13 at 6:31

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