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I need to know how to clip an image in iOS. I already have this working in J2ME using the canvas set clip method. Now I want to know how I can do this in iOS. Here is an example of what I want.

This is the original image what I'm drawing in storyboard

this this image the original image what i'm drawing in storybord

this is the image what i want to do. i want to hide the some part of that red image

This is the image what I want to achieve. I want to hide the some part of that red image.

I tried something like this, but I can't what I want.

 UIImageView *imv = [[UIImageView alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0 ,305, 98, 139)];
    imv.image=[UIImage imageNamed:@"red.png"];

    imv.frame = CGRectMake(0 ,305, 98, redImageHeight);
    imv.clipsToBounds = YES;
    imv.contentMode = UIViewContentModeTop;
    [self.view addSubview:imv];
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Do you want to resize image fill imageview's bounds? –  B.S. Mar 15 '13 at 5:52
@George i did't get you. can you show me some code or explain me more .. –  Gurumoorthy Arumugam Mar 15 '13 at 5:57

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Try to change

imv.contentMode = UIViewContentModeScaleToFill;
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why don't you use multi-clip of this bar and display one by one I think it will be much easier

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