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Silverlight 3 allows you to run your application out of the browser, which installs a link on your desktop/start menu.

The problem is we are currently using

  Window.Navigate(new Uri("http://<server>/<resource>"), "_blank")

to load a URL into a new browser window (it's to provide a 'print friendly' page for users to print). This works in the normal SL in-browser version, but outside the browser we get 'The DOM/scripting bridge is disabled.' exception thrown when issuing the call.

Is there an alternative which works out of the browser?

I've seen but I need to do this entirely in code, so I don't want to add a (hidden) hyperlink button and then programmatically 'click' it (unless I absolutely have to...).

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you can try inheriting from HyperlinkButton and exposing public Click() method (which you can then instantiate and call from code instead of declaring it in xaml). Details here:

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Your site doesn't render this answer. Should repost here. – Keith Elder Jul 26 '10 at 15:46

I wrote an Extension method based on the idea to inherit from the HyperlinkButton.

public static class UriExtensions {

class Clicker : HyperlinkButton {
  public void DoClick() {

static readonly Clicker clicker = new Clicker();

public static void Navigate(this Uri uri) {
  Navigate(uri, "_self");

public static void Navigate(this Uri uri, string targetName) {
  clicker.NavigateUri = uri;
  clicker.TargetName = targetName;

Then use can use it simple, like

new Uri("").Navigate("_blank");

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Nice work :) !! – gomino Aug 28 '15 at 17:24

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