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I have both public.key and private.key both files include with string key. i have implement encryption and decryption in PHP ill add the code below.

now i want to do the same thing in c#(encryption and decryption) same way that i implement with php(the way should be openssl_public_encrypt method did - because otherwise finally i sent this encrypt value as post request if that encrypt method did not matched to the way i did in php that will give a error saying my encrypt value misses some parameters-means my encryption algorithm is incorrect )

i tried boncycastle.crypto but algo is different i think,

this is the php code ->

$sensitiveData = $this->merchantcode.'|'.$order_id.'|'.$amountInc.'|'.$this->returnurl;
$public_key ="uuEks4FXTiLU2obIpTNIpqhjgiUhtjW4Si8cKLoT7RThyOvUadsgYWejLg2i0BVz+

 $public_key_splitted = wordwrap($public_key, 64, "\n", true); 

$publicKey = <<<EOD
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

$encrypted = '';
if (!openssl_public_encrypt($sensitiveData, $encrypted, $publicKey)) 
die('Failed to encrypt data'); 
$encryptedData = base64_encode($encrypted);

Need to implement same functionality in c# please Give some solutions

Thank You

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