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Client just provided us with the iPad source code which contain all the images with 1024X768 resolution now I want to convert them to the android drawables i.e

  1. 480*854
  2. 320*480
  3. 1280*800

I know I have to use 1.5 as scaling factor to convert hdpi to xhdpi and mdpi to hdpi. but with this iPad resolution what resizing factor shall I use?

just the scaling factor to xhdpi would be helpful thanks.

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I figured it out myself in order to convert iPad images to android resolutions here is the scaling factors

For Hdpi

width Scaling factor--------------0.625

Hieght Scaling factor---------------0.833

For xhdpi

Hieght Scaling factor--------------1.25

Width Scaling factor---------------1.04

For mdpi

Hieght Scaling factor--------------0.468

Width Scaling factor---------------0.416

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It makes no sense to have different scaling factors for width and height. –  Maarten Mar 20 at 14:29
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