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I have customized a taskbarnotifier follow this project: WPF Taskbar Notifier - A WPF Taskbar Notification In this, author has overridden mouse enter event for hold window position in bottom right screen when mouse over on the notifier. I think that is the reason why I can't show Tooltip of any item in notifier when mouse over it. I use tooltip to show some text too long to display. Can anyone help me to solve this problem, plz?

protected override void OnMouseEnter(System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e)
        if (this.DisplayState == DisplayStates.Opened)
            // When the user mouses over and the window is already open, it should stay open.
            // Stop the timer that would have otherwise hidden it.
        else if ((this.DisplayState == DisplayStates.Hidden) ||
                 (this.DisplayState == DisplayStates.Hiding))
            // When the user mouses over and the window is hidden or hiding, it should open. 
            this.DisplayState = DisplayStates.Opening;

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