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I need to calculate the average from a mysql table. So I am taking the sum of a col and dividing it by the number of rows. But the values are not being assigned properly :-

$total_sum_query = $db->query("SELECT SUM(marks) FROM markstable WHERE sid = '$sid'");
$num_rows_query = $db->query("SELECT * FROM markstable WHERE sid = '$sid'");

$avg_marks = $total_sum_query/$num_rows_query;

I know i am doing something wrong but can not figure it out. Is there a way to derive the average in mysql?

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Try the MySQL AVG() command –  Jon Mar 15 '13 at 7:26

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What you actually want is:

$avg_marks = $db->fetchOne("SELECT AVG(marks) FROM markstable WHERE sid = ?", $sid);

fetchOne gives you a single value instead of a result set or array, and use parameterised queries to protect against SQL injection.

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Try like

$num_rows_query = $db->query("SELECT count(*) as cnt FROM markstable WHERE sid = '$sid'");

and use it as $num_rows_query['cnt'];

or you can directly try like

$avg_query =  $db->query("SELECT AVG(marks) FROM markstable WHERE sid = '$sid'");
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Try to use AVG in MYSL

$average_query =  $db->query("SELECT AVG(marks) FROM markstable WHERE sid = '$sid'");
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