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I'm working on an application and I would like to use Ajax to partially render part of web page instead of full post back. So I use scriptManager and updatepanel but I have an error in JS sys is not defined. I took a look in generated JS code and it seems that no Ajax client side framework has been loaded by scriptmanager, no reference at scriptressource.

I created a website by using vs2010 template to test ajax and all works fine but in web.config I don't found any difference. Is it a known problem?

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After comment and uncomment different part of my code i found that is my objectdatasource which cause the problem... ObjectDataSource use function instance to retrieve business object but since i use class properties as argument of my "select" objectdatasource function i need to define current instance of my page as object instance (1) but when work is finished is also disposed by objectdatasource .... :) i stop disposing process by using event "ObjectDisposing" (2) ...


protected void OdsRecordObjectCreating(object sender, ObjectDataSourceEventArgs e)
            e.ObjectInstance = this;


protected void OdsRecordObjectDisposing(object sender, ObjectDataSourceDisposingEventArgs e)
    e.Cancel = true;

bye !

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