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I have the following code but I am unsure why when I use the Xcode iPhone simulator its showing the ... why? or is it because I am using the simulator

I am using the jQuery Graphite Theme


Screenshot if issue


        <div data-role="header">
            <h1 class="appTitle">Birthday Reminders</h1>
        </div><!-- Header -->


@media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 480px)
.appTitle { max-width:100%; font-size:12px; text-align: center;}
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Here's a working example: http://jsfiddle.net/Gajotres/GFfAt/

CSS used :

.appTitle {
    margin: 0.6em 15% 0.8em !important;
    white-space: normal !important;

15% inside a margin is a left/right space between text and app header limits.

Don't lower font size because header height will decrees, to counter it increase margin.

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