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I use the following code to extract information from a json page.

$str = file_get_contents('http://fantasy.mlssoccer.com/web/api/elements/498/');
$jsonarray = json_decode($str, true);

$week1 = $jsonarray['fixture_history']['summary'][0][2];
$week2 = $jsonarray['fixture_history']['summary'][1][2];

Here's an excerpt of what it's taking from

{ "summary" : 
        [ 1, "PHI (A)", 14 ]
        [ 2, "TOR (A)", 8 ]

At the moment only 2 weeks exist. 1 new entry will be added every week. How do I code something to say "loop for however many weeks/entries exist"?

Pretty much what I want to do is put this info into a HTML table and I want the code to know how many weeks are in there. There will be 1 row of data for each week.

Let me know if this isn't clear.. and thanks!

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Use .length

In Javascript



echo count($jsonarray['fixture_history']['summary']);
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Looks like this is what I need. How do I use it in my example though? I tried echo $jsonarray['fixture_history']['summary'].length; and it returns the word Arraylength. Is there a way to get it to return a simple number? (should be 2 in this case) –  Cully Mar 15 '13 at 8:22
@Cully see undated answer. –  Dipesh Parmar Mar 15 '13 at 8:24
Excellent. Works perfectly. Sorry, I should have mentioned PHP. I know very little about javascript. Thanks a lot! –  Cully Mar 15 '13 at 8:25
@Cully its okay...and hey always welcome dude. –  Dipesh Parmar Mar 15 '13 at 8:26

What you need is count(), which gives you the length of the array. Use that in a for-loop for a condition, and you should have your answer.

$arr_length = count($arr);
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