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I am currently trying to import some libraries into my Gwan C script. I have read through the manual and am using #pragma include to include the folder that my libraries are in, and then use #pragma link to actually include the libraries, but when I run the script it error and says /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lxxxx.a

Heres current code

#pragma include "/opt/Gwan/libraries/xxx"
#pragma link "xxxx.a"

current Gwan version 4.3.11. Thanks, any help will be appreciated

[EDIT] All is working fine now, changed all my libraries to shared and placed them in /usr/lib

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While you can link object code and static libraries with G-WAN scripts, you should rather use a dynamic library because it will only be loaded once in memory.

Do you succeed in running the (many) G-WAN examples that use third-party libraries? (libsqlite, libcairo, libmySQL, libcURL, liboauth, libmemchached, ImageMagick, etc.)

Don't forget that you must indicate the library file name without the starting "lib" prefix (ie: sqlite3 for libsqlite3.so).

Also, libraries compiled for 64-bit won't work with G-WAN 32-bit (and vice-versa).

If this can help, there's a G-WAN FAQ dedicated on libraries which gives tips and tools to check for possible problems.

Maybe you should give the whole library names instead of the xxx in your example.

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