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I got a QMap with an identifier and a corresponding object. When subclassing QAbstractTableModel::data() you get a QModelIndex with row and column, respectively. Each row should represent one object (QAbstractTableModel::rowCount() is myMap->size()).

Is it legit to get the current object via


Has this implications (sorting, inserting), because the identifiers of the (unsorted) map are by-passed? I mean for QAbstractTableModel::setData() I need to do the same map identifier by-passing?! Thanks.

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When you say "identifier", I assume you mean key, and "the corresponding object" is the value. QMap is by-definition sorted by key.

If you never intend to use the QMap key-value functionality, you should consider storing your values in a QList container and accessing that based on the row index as you suggested.

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QMap::values returns all values in ascending order of their keys, so probably your code will work. Still, I'd use something like following:

myMap[this->index(index.row(), 0).data().toString()]

provided that you call it from QAbstractTableModel, and your keys are in 0th column.

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