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I'm trying to send a string from form SettingsMenu to my Main form using a Delegate, the structure is as shown below:

Delegate at SettingsMenu form:

delegate void ClocknameReceivedEventHandler(object sender, SettingsMenu.ClocknameReceivedEventArgs e);

Internal class ClocknameReceivedEventArgs within the SettingsMenu class:

public partial class SettingsMenu : Form
    internal class ClocknameReceivedEventArgs : EventArgs
        string _clockname;
        public string Clockname
            get { return _clockname; }

        public ClocknameReceivedEventArgs(string clockname)
            _clockname = clockname;

And a bit more down in code in SettingsMenu:

public event ClocknameReceivedEventHandler ClocknameReceived;

// Invoke the Changed event; called whenever list changes
protected void OnClocknameReceived(SettingsMenu.ClocknameReceivedEventArgs e)
    ClocknameReceived(this, e);

I catch the incoming data from SettingsMenu on my Main form using the following Event:

_settings.ClocknameReceived += new ClocknameReceivedEventHandler(ClockClocknameReceived);

The method on my Main form that actually received the string from SettingsMenu:

private void ClockClocknameReceived(object sender, SettingsMenu.ClocknameReceivedEventArgs e)
    string ClockName;
    ClockName = e.Clockname;
    lblClockname.Text = ClockName;

Now I get the following errors at the SettingsMenu class:

Error   2   Inconsistent accessibility: parameter type 'LivePigeonClient.Forms.SettingsMenu.ClocknameReceivedEventArgs' is less accessible than method 'LivePigeonClient.Forms.SettingsMenu.OnClocknameReceived(LivePigeonClient.Forms.SettingsMenu.ClocknameReceivedEventArgs)'    D:\SVN\sentul\Livepigeonflights\trunk\LivePigeonClientSolution\LivePigeonClient\Forms\SettingsMenu.cs   54  24  LivePigeonClient


Error   1   Inconsistent accessibility: field type 'LivePigeonClient.Forms.ClocknameReceivedEventHandler' is less accessible than field 'LivePigeonClient.Forms.SettingsMenu.ClocknameReceived' D:\SVN\sentul\Livepigeonflights\trunk\LivePigeonClientSolution\LivePigeonClient\Forms\SettingsMenu.cs   51  52  LivePigeonClient

Can anybody tell me what I did wrong?

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Your event args are marked as internal, meaning that it is not shared outside of your assemby:

internal class ClocknameReceivedEventArgs

But then you use it on a method which is maked as protected (which is available outside the assembly):

protected void OnClocknameReceived(SettingsMenu.ClocknameReceivedEventArgs e)

If the compiler allowed this then how would anyone be supposed to call your method if they can't create the parameter?

To fix, perhaps change them to both be public or both protected, or both internal, depending on how you want this to be used.

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When I change the Internal, to a public class and the protected void to an public void, it will give me plus 13 errors about SuspendLayout. ResumeLayout and 'object' does not contain a definition for 'Dispose' etc. –  Max Mar 15 '13 at 8:45
@Mobstaa, you don't have anything called SuspendLayout or ResumeLayout in the code sample above. I think your original question is answered now and you should have a go at fixing this new issue yourself. Raise a new question if you really get stuck. –  Buh Buh Mar 15 '13 at 8:52
No, that Erorr will I get when I use your method of fixing the problem, so your way isn't the way to doo this –  Max Mar 15 '13 at 8:54
@Mobstaa, From what you have said sounds like you have writen using(SuspendLayout x = new SuspendLayout()). You can only do using on types which implement IDisposable. –  Buh Buh Mar 15 '13 at 8:54
No, that error will occur when I use your way, but that isn't the correct way of fixing this, because I get like dozens of errors that way. –  Max Mar 15 '13 at 8:54
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I needed to use a public delegate and a public class to solve the problem.

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Yeah, just switch the access modifier to public and you should be fine ...

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If you are using public access specifier to the delegate then, remove it.! It worked great for me.!

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