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I have been looking and trying to join two tables to get one result but with no luck. (yes a newbie)

Here is the scenario:

Table T1

ID | t1_name | **t1_value**

Table T2

ID | t2_something | **t2_name** | t2_more | t2_etc

What I am trying to do is a SELECT query to get a result to ECHO the t1_value.

This is from t2_name equaling the same as t1_name then return the t1_value to ECHO.

These are based on each indivdual "t2 ID" (100 + ids) having its own result.

Im sure this is an easy solution, and all the reading and research I have done on joins i just cant seem to get my head around it. Maybe over reading....

If you can offer a solution/help, (with how it works so I can learn for next time) That would be appreciated.

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Thanks to all of you guys for your quick response and links to the Join commands. The answers worked well and was good seeing different ways of going about the same option. A little more study on these and a bit more reading to get a bit more of an understanding of them. But your answers have made it a little easier since its relating to my project. Thanks!!! –  Rocsha Mar 18 '13 at 0:33

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Try this query

select t1.t1_value
from t1
inner join t2 on t1.t1_name=t2_name

For more study you can refer INNER JOIN

And Different type of JOIN


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JOIN the two tables with the condition t1.t2_name = t2.t2_name, then in the SELECT clause select whatever you want to select.

Something like:

INNER JOIN t2 ON t1.t1_name = t2.t2_name;

You might also need to have a look at the different types of JOIN, see this for more information:

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Select t1_value from T1, T2 where T1.t1_name = T2.t2_name
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SELECT t1_name.t1, t2_name.t2 FROM t1, t2  WHERE t1.t1_name = t2.t2_name

That should work as expected, just to clarify you can also use INNER JOIN syntax as referenced here :

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You can achieve by just joining two tables t1 and t2.

FROM t1,t2 
WHERE t1.t1_name = t2.t2_name
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