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I am trying to use Squid's (its 2.7STABLE8 version) reverse proxy service on Windows 7. When I try to start squid from "cmd" (as administrator) I get an error message such as;

"The Squid service could not be started

A system error has occurred

System error 1067 has occurred message

The process terminated unexpectedly"

To solve it I tried:

However, none of the solutions worked. Therefore if there is any other solution you might know it would be great.


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when I check logs, I saw there is not "logs" folder under "c:\squid\var". after I create "logs" folder under there, it starts working. please make sure you have "c:\squid\var\logs"

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Just in case it helps someone, I got the same problem and was low disk space. I made some cleanup and went back on in seconds.


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Try this to check:

squid -k check 

I had the same issue.

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I checked my cache.log file, and it was reporting to;

"FATAL: ipcache_init: DNS name lookup tests failed"

Therefore, in the squid.conf file I set my dns_testname to;


and it solved my problem.

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