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I am a newbie and have recently become involved in a project to remove the serialization from one area of our business (so the materials in question become an undifferentiated bulk part rather than individually recognized items).

As part of this project I need to sum the quantity of units held by part and and then update a table with this value. Here is my first attempt:

SET a.qty = (Select part_no, sum(b.qty) from inventory_part_in_stock_tab b
where b.contract = '12505'
group by b.part_no
WHERE a.part_no = b.part_no);

I realise that this is totaly incorrect but will hopefully illustrate exactly what I am trying to do. I have managed to create a cursor based program that I think achieves what I want but is to slow to be practical.

This produces the right answer in list form on screen but does not update the file!

Select part_no, sum(qty) from inventory_part_in_stock_tab
where contract = '12505'
group by part_no

We are running Oracle 9i can anyone help?

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Correct code:

SET a.qty = (Select sum(b.qty)
               from inventory_part_in_stock_tab b
              where b.contract = '12505'
                AND b.part_no = a.part_no);

The mistake in your UPDATE query is that you are SELECTing two columns - part_no and sum(b.qty) while you are updating just a single column - a.qty.

Also, there are two WHERE clauses in your SELECT subquery of UPDATE query. Looks like that really a HAVING clause after the GROUP BY. You don't have to do that.

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Thanks very much I will go and try it out and get back to you –  Slarty Mar 15 '13 at 10:40
Thanks great answer that has solved my problem. One minor point I think the query should read: UPDATE AVT a SET a.qty = (Select sum(b.qty) from inventory_part_in_stock_tab b where b.contract = '12505' AND a.part = b.part_no); my fault originaly (no "TABLE") –  Slarty Mar 15 '13 at 11:36

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