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What is the alternative for DomainProjectPicker if I want to select a server plus its projects? I am aware of a new class called TeamProjectPicker, but that doesn't help me. Anyone know how to select the server from this type of dialog?


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As far as I can figure it out it's more or less the same as the DomainProjectPicker.

Here's a code sample of how I was working with it:

    if (tpp.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
              //here you get the TfsTeamProjectCollection (the TeamFoundationServer class is also obsolete)
              TfsTeamProjectCollection tfsProj = tpp.SelectedTeamProjectCollection;
              //here you authenticate

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You can use the TeamProjectPicker class from Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.dll. There is a great blog post that describes how to wrangle the dialog: Using the TeamProjectPicker API in TFS 2010

Here's the code sample for selecting multiple team projects:

Application.EnableVisualStyles(); // Makes it look nicer from a console app.

//"using" pattern is recommended as the picker needs to be disposed of
using (TeamProjectPicker tpp = new TeamProjectPicker(TeamProjectPickerMode.MultiProject, false))
    DialogResult result = tpp.ShowDialog();
    if (result == DialogResult.OK)
        System.Console.WriteLine("Selected Team Project Collection Uri: " + tpp.SelectedTeamProjectCollection.Uri);
        System.Console.WriteLine("Selected Projects:");
        foreach(ProjectInfo projectInfo in tpp.SelectedProjects)

If you don't care about the project and only want the user to be able to select a server and collection, use TeamProjectPickerMode.NoProject in the constructor.

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