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The number of files that are getting written is always less than the number of threads. Logically for me, when I can have 4 threads and the CPU is working at 400%, I was expecting the number of files to be 4 (one each corresponding to every single thread). I dont know if there is a problem with my code or this is how it is supposed to work. The code is as follows:

     !!!!!!!! module 
      module common
      use iso_fortran_env
      implicit none
      integer,parameter:: dp=real64
      real(dp):: aa,bb


      subroutine evolve(y,yevl)
      implicit none
      integer(dp),parameter:: id=2
      real(dp),intent(in):: y(id)
      real(dp),intent(out):: yevl(id)
      end subroutine evolve

      end module common

      use common
      implicit none
      integer(dp):: iii,iter,i
      integer(dp),parameter:: id=2
      real(dp),allocatable:: y(:),yt(:)
      integer(dp):: OMP_GET_THREAD_NUM, IXD

       allocate(y(id)); allocate(yt(id)); y=0.d0; yt=0.d0; bb=0.3d0
       !$OMP PARALLEL PRIVATE(iii,iter,y,i,yt) SHARED(bb)
       !$OMP DO
        do iii=1,20000; print*,iii  !! EXPECTED THREADS TO BE OF 5000 ITERATIONS EACH
            loop1: do iter=1,10 !! THE INITIAL CONDITION LOOP
               call random_number(y)!! RANDOM INITIALIZATION OF THE VARIABLE
                loop2: do i=1,70000  !! ITERATION OF THE SYSTEM
                    call evolve(y,yt)
                enddo loop2     !! END OF SYSTEM ITERATION
              write(IXD+1,*)aa,yt  !!! WRITING FILE CORRESPONDING TO EACH THREAD
            enddo loop1 !!INITIAL CONDITION ITERATION DONE
        !$OMP ENDDO

Is this behavior resulting from some race issue in the code? The code compiles and executes just fine without any warnings or errors with ifort version 13.1.0 on ubuntu. Thanks a bunch for any comments or suggestions.

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The variable IXD should be explicitely declared as private to make sure every thread has an own copy of it. Changing the line(s)

   !$OMP PARALLEL PRIVATE(iii,iter,y,i,yt) SHARED(bb)


  !$OMP PARALLEL PRIVATE(iii,iter,y,i,yt,ixd) SHARED(bb)

solves the problem.

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yes indeed, it did the job. Thank you so much for the quick insight. Works perfectly. I was thinking of some race issues but this did the job. –  legol18 Mar 15 '13 at 10:25

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