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I am using link_to_function in one of my ApplicationHelper method:

def link_to_add_fields(name, f, association)
  new_object = f.object.class.reflect_on_association(association)
  fields = f.fields_for(association, new_object, :child_index => "new_#{association}") do |builder|
    render(association.to_s + "_fields", :f => builder)
  link_to_function(name, ("add_fields(this, '#{association}', '#{escape_javascript(fields)}')").html_safe)

Since it will be deprecated in Rails 4 I would like to get rid of link_to_function using Unobustrive JS. How to do that?

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Perhaps this can help:… – fmendez Mar 15 '13 at 10:38
Any luck so far? – Btuman Jun 5 '13 at 15:12

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I know this is an old question but I was amused to run across this question with the exact same code snippet as I have... bless you Ryan Bates and RailsCasts!

In any case, this turns out to be a pretty easy refactor. You just have to pass the function as the 'onclick' parameter of link_to:

link_to(name, '#', onclick: "add_fields(this, '#{association}', '#{escape_javascript(fields)}')")
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