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I have a problem in IE -10(window -7 SP-1) when set focus on a text box. my cursor position at the beginning in text-box. how can i set position End of text-box value.

DEMO I am try j-query code for this problem --

var input = $("#txt1"); // textbox Id

var len = input.val().length;


input[0].setSelectionRange(len, len);


WITH JQUERY problem is resolved but why cursor set beginning in IE-10(window -7 SP-1)?

And any any other solution for this.

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It works for me in IE10. I load the fiddle and the cursor is at the end of the input. -- Never mind, I just realized you're asking a different question than I thought. –  AmericanUmlaut Mar 15 '13 at 10:34
second fiddle also worked for me, but First Fiddle not work in IE -10 for windows 7 –  Ishan Jain Mar 15 '13 at 10:47

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This appears to be an implementation choice on the part of the browser. I can't find anywhere in the HTML spec where it says where the cursor should be positioned when a text input gains focus. If you use the mouse to give an input focus, the cursor is at the clicked position in IE10, Firefox and Chrome, but absent a click event, the browsers seem to do their own thing - Chrome, for example, appears to select the entire contents of the input.

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