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I want to pack jar file without containing depedency jar libraries using eclipse IDE. I used these steps to pack but the result jar file always contains jar libraries. Some steps I did

step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4

Jar file I want to pack is jar library not runable jar file


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Click on the arrow next to your project name, to show what sub-resources are being included. If you have a lib folder with JARs in it then deselect it using its checkbox. –  Perception Mar 15 '13 at 11:41

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In eclipse, when you are creating a jar file, select option named 'JAR file' and not 'Runnable JAR'. When you click on next, you will get a list of items which you need to include while creating your jar file with a check box in front of each item. Just don't select the items you don't want to export (in your case dependent libraries).

Hope this helps.

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Under Export, click Jar file and not Runnable Jar file

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I would use an ant task...

<zip destfile="${backupJar}" update="true" basedir="${basedir}/../../"
        includes="**/*.xml*, **/*.java"

Remember that a jar is really a zip file with a different extension.



EDIT: you specifically asked how to ignore dependencies. This is achieved by using the excludes attribute of the zip task, for example:

    <zip destfile="${backupJar}" update="true" basedir="${remotedir}/../"
        includes="exported/**/*.*, exported/jf123/**/*.*" compress="true"/>
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