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This is my case: one project, multiple teams each with a board. Each team is taking one or more epics from the product backlog to their team's backlog to work on. Component field is in use to specify part of a product that is affected - e.g. I can't use it for greenhopper stuff.


  1. How do I assign an epic to a team/board?

  2. What would be a board filer that takes team's epics, their related stories and their related sub-tasks?

  3. I also have some bugs coming in from support that I'd like to assign to a team but they are not part of any epic.

Try 1-

I'm currently setting a label "team1" to mark an epic or defect is under team-1's board. I then use a board filter that looks like this:

labels = 'team1' OR issue in (linkedIssuesFromQuery("labels = 'team1'"), 
subtaskIssuesFromQuery("issue in linkedIssuesFromQuery(\"labels = 'team1'\")"))"

For the extra functions I use the Craftforge JQL Functions Plugin. The problems I have are: (1) I get all sorts of linked issues here that are not related to the epic (relates to, clones, duplicates). (2) It's too complicated!

Any suggestions?

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The simplest way would be to have a single select named Team with options such as team1, team2. Then use that to select the issues for a board. Bugs from Support can also have this field set when the bug is moved to a team's backlog. –  mdoar Mar 15 '13 at 21:59
@mdoar, so this means i have to select this option on each issue and each subtask that i want to see on the team's board. this is much like labeling each issue... –  eram Mar 15 '13 at 23:07

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