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I've just updated Play! framework to version 2.1 and scala to version 2.10...

Now my Play! app is broken. It seems that the Akka API has changed. I can't find the Akka's version used now but I think it's the last version...

I just read the migration guide :

I've updated my code accordingly:

    new FiniteDuration(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS), 
    new MyRunnableJob(), 

But an error occurs as follows :

error: no suitable method found for scheduleOnce(akka.util.FiniteDuration,Runnable,ExecutionContext)

Yet we find it on the API documentation :

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the Akka version should be 2.1.x, and you should try to send in a scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration.

It seems like you have some old akka jars on the path, since the akka.util.FiniteDuration doesn't exist anymore.

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Thanks. Your answer resolve my problem. By the way, I've run the play clean command so I don't understand why old version is still present. I've seen that I have these libs present inside my play! folder : ./repository/local/com.typesafe.akka/akka-actor_2.10 ./repository/local/com.typesafe.akka/akka-actor/2.0.1 No idea why... – Loïc Guillois Mar 15 '13 at 12:09

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