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I am trying to get three roles for added differently to three different users. mcobery will have three roles, writers will have 2, and student will have the role Users. I am keep trying to add new users and then new roles but nothing happens.

Say I add with

--Add Users in Roles

IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT [HashId] FROM [dbo].[UsersInRoles] WHERE [HashId] = 1)
     INSERT INTO [dbo].[UsersInRoles] ([HashId], [UserName], [RoleName])
     VALUES (1, 'mcobery', 'Administrators')


I want my table to look like the one below,

UserName        Comment         RoleName
mcobery         Marc Cobery     Administrators
mcobery         Marc Cobery     Users
mcobery         Marc Cobery     HRAdministrators
rwaters         Roger Waters    Users
rwaters         Roger Waters    HRAdministrators
student         Some Body       Users

but I have already added a user known as mcobery with the SQL


IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT [UserId] FROM [dbo].[Users] WHERE [UserId] = 1)
     INSERT INTO [dbo].[Users] ([UserId], [UserName], [Password], [Email], [Comment], [Enabled], [DateCreated], [DateLastLogin], [DateLastActivity], [DateLastPasswordChange])
     VALUES (1, 'mcobery', 'password?', 'mcobery@uml.edu', Marc Cobery, 1, '20071111', '20071111', '20071111', '20071111')

Can anyone please guide me in the right direction as to how to multiple roles to a single user?

I would greatly appreciate it!

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your table does not match your insert statement. It's not clear why you are inserting identity values. – Jonny Cundall Mar 15 '13 at 11:30
Your question is very unclear: it looks like you're asking how to INSERT rows into a table, which is such a basic operation that you will need to provide more specific details about your problem. The fact that the data you're working with concerns users and roles doesn't immediately appear to be relevant. Ideally, post the DDL for your table, the INSERT statement, and the problem or error that you have. – Pondlife Mar 15 '13 at 15:50

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