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I am working with the core bluetooth framework . I want set my mac mini which is BLE enable device as a bluetooth peripheral which advertise the data . I have tried to create mac application for the same : My application implements CBPeripheralDelegate protocol and in view didDidLoad method i have implemented following code :

peripheralManager=[[CBPeripheral alloc]init];

But its not working . Is this sufficient ? Or really OSx application supports the peripheral mode ?

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OS X currently doesn't support peripheral mode -- only central. iOS, however, can act as either a peripheral or a central.

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You are initializing CBPeripheral in your code not CBPeripheralManager.

Here's an example from a project I'm working on:

//Initializes peripheral manager
-(CBPeripheralManager *)peripheralManager
  if (_peripheralManager == nil)
    _peripheralManager = [[CBPeripheralManager alloc]initWithDelegate:self queue:nil];
  return _peripheralManager;
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