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I am using this Jquery Ui multiselect plugin I am trying to put this multiselect in an html table cell , but the size of multiselect becomes too small . Any help regarding , how to size the the whole multiselect so that it could be shown in a table , would be highly appreciated .

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I tried the updated JS file of Jquery UI Multiselect from the bug report page . It has options of width and height , So if anyone is stuck to the same problem go to the bug report and get the updated ui.multiselect.js file – user2002522 Mar 19 '13 at 6:49
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The Jquery Ui multiselect plugin appears to use the height and width values of the select item you are calling it on.

For example if you have a select like:

<select id="locations" class="multiselect" multiple="multiple" name="locations[]" style="width:300px; height:300px;">

Then call:


Your new multiselect will have 300x300 dimensions.

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thanks for your input, highly appreciate it. Although I haven't tried your solution as I used the updated JS file which has options to specify height and width and that solved my purpose. – user2002522 Jun 25 '13 at 9:03

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