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Does anyone know if there's a tool out there which allows you to run queries against a SQL Server database through a web browser (e.g. SSMS functionality available through the browser)?

I ask as we have a large support team who rely heavily on running database queries when investigating issues. As our data center (where the DBs are hosted) is based remotely from our offices, and many of our support staff are working offshore over VPN it's helpful to allow them to access a client hosted at the data center. One solution would be to host SSMS on a terminal server, but having a web front end would be more straight forward, should one exist.

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For anyone following this post, myLittleAdmin looks like the better tool (very similar to SSMS), but SQL Web Admin's free. As I don't have a budget for this SQL Web Admin won, but if anyone has cash to play with I'd recommend going the myLittleAdmin route. –  JohnLBevan Mar 15 '13 at 23:57

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You are wanting something like SQL Web Data Admin.

It does not provide all the features of SSMS but it does enough to be able to support/manage the sql server remotely.

There are other tools that are based of this project on codeplex that add additional functionality.

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None from Microsoft but there are 3rd party tools available, such as myLittleAdmin.

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