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I'm writing an application which requires that an accurate GPS location is taken at the moment a particular action is taken - specifically, by law we have to prove that we were at someone's house when we said we were.

I have already implemented a Location Listener to update the location for live-tracking purposes, but I also require an on-demand update from the device's GPS.

Using GetLastKnownLocation does not appear to force the GPS device to update - instead, I am getting the last location received from the onLocationChanged event.

Is there a way to force a device to update and get the current location, instead of either getting the last known location or waiting for another onLocationChanged event to fire?

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Try using Thread that runs at a particular interval of time and gets the location data.. So that you can use it later..

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I used this method to get the location every 1 second and stores it in a variable. This thread starts when the visit process is started, and retries every 1 second until it gets a location with better accuracy than the stored location. –  EvilGeniusJamie Mar 19 '13 at 10:10

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